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Session 2018 - 2019

( The ✔ appropriate one)
A) B. Tech. Course:
  1. C) Pharmacy Course :
    D) Management Course :
    E) Diploma :
    F) Computer Application :
    G) Education :
  2. Category :
    ( The ✔ appropriate one)
  3. Educational Qualification : Please attach attested copies of marksheet for each examination cited below :
    Examination Passed Name of Institution Passing Division % Mark Subjects

Declaration by the Applicant

  1. I hereby agree that I shall pay full fee prescribed / revised for the course by the Government/ Institute Authorities.
  2. I hereby agree not to make any loss or damage to books, apparatus, furniture and any other property belonging to the institute by carelessness/ negligence on my part.
  3. I hereby agree that I shall follow and adhere to all hostel rules and regulations promulgated by the hostel or institute authorities from time to time. I am also aware that noncompliance in any manner will result in immediate expulsion from the hostel or even from the institute as may be deemed fit by the authorities.
  4. I am aware that ragging, smoking and drinking alcohol is strictly prohibited in the campus and the hostels and I assure that I shall abide by the same.
  5. I hereby authorise the institute to use any deposits made by me to the Institute for the development work related to the institute.
  6. from the institute. I understand that association whether active or passive with any unlawful organization is forbidden. All the particular stated in the application are true to the best of my knowledge and belief. I hereby declare that I have read and understood the rules and regulation of the institute and I promise to abide by the rules and discipline of the institute. Should it however be found that any information furnished is untrue, I realize that I am liable for criminal prosecution and expulsion
  7. If I could not complete the course under any circumstances or withdraw from the course in between, no part of fee deposited along with security will be refunded.
  8. I understand that once fee deposited will not be refunded by institute after the admission.
  9. I hereby agree that all disputes are subject to Lucknow jurisdiction.

Undertaking by the Parents/Legal Guardian

In the event of the above applicant who is my son/daughter/ward being admitted to the institute I hereby give an undertaking to pay regularly all his/her dues to the institute, till his/her completion of the course of studies. I also undertake to be responsible for his/her character and conduct throughout his/her stay in the institute